A Brief Look At Dental Problems In Kids

As parents, it’s our duty to keep our kids as safe and comfortable as possible. At times, this job seems to be a breeze, requiring just minimal effort. However, there are situations when the whole scene changes and we get to face our worst fears. Kids being ill is a condition most parents wish to avoid. However, this is not always possible.

One of the most common afflictions that affect kids is dental problems. Often, kids can be seen gripping their cheeks and jaws, indicating just how painful the experience is for them. What makes it worse is the fact that most kids tend to fear their dentists, making them hesitant to even visit the doctor to alleviate their problems. A parent in Stoney Creek Ontario once commented on how her child cried more at the prospect of visiting the dentist, that at the pain that was emanating from the diseased tooth! Parents ought to have their kids regularly visit the dentist, says a recent article that appeared on www.webmd.com. Yet, not many do this because either they have no time to do so, or they would rather avoid the fuss that the little ones are likely to make.

It’s best to make regular appointments to visit the dentist. Often, it is only through their scrutiny that abscesses of the tooth can only be found.

What’s A Tooth Abscess?
A tooth abscess is nothing but a form of dental infection caused by bacteria. It manifests in the form of a pocket of icky fluid called pus inside a tooth. This is the consequence of the fight that body puts up against harmful pathogens like bacteria.

If you thought it’s easy to spot tooth abscesses, you couldn’t have been more further away from the truth! The afflicted part will look completely normal. However, the pain that radiates from the tooth is a sure sign of the trouble that lurks beneath! Typically, a tooth abscess will be painful, and will probably have a tiny pus-filled pimple, causing the area to look swollen and feel too tender to touch. In fact, apply a bit of pressure, and you could witness a bit of that pus oozing out. Not a pretty sight!

In adults, the usual cause for tooth abscess could be gingivitis. However, in kids, the main cause could be a bacterial infection caused by unchecked cavities and tooth decay. Treatment for tooth decay and abscess can only be initiated with the timely intervention of your dentist.

What Are The Warning Signs Parents Should Look Out For?
Kids are kids. They cannot clearly articulate what they are feeling. It is up to parents to make note of the symptoms as and when these present themselves. Given below are a few common symptoms that could accompany tooth infections.

1. The Inability To Chew Food- The child may experience pain while biting into food
2. Loss of Appetite- Discomfort in the mouth from chewing often leads to young kids skipping out on their meals.
3. A Change In The Tooth’s Color- The affected tooth may appear darker than the rest.
4. Swelling- This can be seen in the gums, jaws or even the neck of the child.

If you notice any of the above symptoms, then it’s time to book an appointment with your dentist.

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