All You Needed To Know About Root Canal Treatment

Irrespective of what you have heard or read about root canal treatment, the goal of teeth root canal treatment is to save the tooth. This procedure is performed by dentists to remove the bacteria and soft damaged tissues from the center of the tooth. Once that is removed, space is cleaned and filled.

The causes for tooth getting infected by bacteria can be because of a tooth decay, bad filling done earlier or damage to the teeth as a result of a fall, etc.

Symptoms of a tooth infected by bacteria
Pain when chewing or biting.
Loose tooth
The sensitivity of tooth to either hot or cold food or drink.
Swelling of the gums around the infected tooth.
A headache and face swelling
Change in color of the tooth
Pus coming out of the tooth

If you develop a toothache, along with any of these symptoms the dentist performs an X-ray to see if the tooth is infected. If the soft tissue at the center of the tooth is damaged, dentists recommend Root Canal treatment.

How is the procedure conducted?

Root canal treatment is performed to get relieved of bacteria from the root canal.
Local anesthesia is administered to numb the tooth. It is common to feel a pinch in the area where the needle is injected.
After the tooth becomes numb, a dentist will place some tools to access the inside of the infected tooth.
Using a small drill, the dentist will open the top portion of the tooth.
Using small files, damaged and infected pulp is cleared from the center of the tooth. The antibacterial solution is added to the chamber to prevent further infection. Once cleaned and dried, the tooth will be filled with a rubber-like material. The dentist will then close the opening in your tooth with a temporary filling.
Later a permanent crown is placed on top of the tooth.

Root canal treatment is successful in 9 out of 10 cases. After the treatment, you should be free from a painful tooth.

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